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The Power of One, The Power of Many

One spirit in the dark like a candle wavers. Many spirits joined as one burn with the power of the blazing sun.

A single person has many levels to them. They have their physical body, their mental body, their emotional body and their energy body. Each of these bodies, these spirits within as some call them, has particular needs to remain healthy. Each need its own form of exercise and nutrition and, much like a Celtic knot, each of these bodies feed into the others. When one body is out of balance, it effects the others. If left long enough, the imbalance could cause or exacerbate a sickness, usually physical or mental, as these are the most recognized in today’s society. This is the concept of dis-ease I had mentioned in my last blog.

While individuals do have the power to change and heal from within by assimilating and bringing each energy body into balance, many times a person requires a support network to assist in healing. This support network often consists of family members offering emotional support, however, for the purpose of this blog, I am referring to the importance of a support network of doctors, physical therapists, massage therapists, energetic healers (whatever their modality may be), teachers, etc. all coming together to assist in healing a single person on all levels, not simply the physical symptoms.

I look around the medical world and see a bunch of pieces to a puzzle in regards to what is actually going on with a patient, each person dealing with them holding a different piece. Only a person of strong will, awareness of all their bodies, knowledge of whatever condition they may have, and a distinct desire to get better will take those pieces, put them together, and direct their net of doctors and what have you to suit them. This, I have seen, is very rare. Other people depend on the varying types of doctors and healers to tell them what to do. Without communication across the board, results have varying degrees of success.

Imagine what would happen if all the participating parties, the MRI tech over here, the general care physician over there, the reiki practitioner across town, the psychologist next door, the massage therapist the patient sees every other Tuesday, all the professionals who have hands in caring for this one person come together and share what they are doing, what results they had, etc. Imagine having a treatment plan that gave lasting and significant results. Imagine, if these spirits, both within and without every individual came together. For me, I imagine the world would be a much more beautiful place if that occurred.

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